We are independent –
an excellent basis to provide confidence!

We are exclusively dedicated to make your venture a success and we primarily focus on our client’s interests.

We have the right team
this generates results!

You do not have to train us; we are familiar with your industry. Furthermore, we team up with selected lawyers, accountants and tax advisors who also focus on company transactions. Their experience will contribute to your venture as well.

We are hands-on –
as you are!

We do not only give advice but we also provide hands-on assistance in implementing our advice.

We are entrepreneurs –
as you are!

We know from our own experience how to manage a business. We have proved how to take a company to the market, how to broaden the market base and how to improve the equity base.

You have decided to be a specialist –
and so did we!

Our range of advisory services and our industry expertise are clearly defined.

We are international –
so is your business environment!

Our advice on your venture is not limited to any country border. We are multilingual and we also advise on cross border transactions.